First Church in Charlestown
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The Journey

Getting Involved


Connect Through Attending

Commitment to Attend
This is when a person is committed to regularly attending our large group worship service. As Believers, we benefit from this gathering by being with other Believers, and hearing one of our pastors preach from the Bible. Are you committed to attending and looking to get more involved? Join a Community Group!

Your Next Step
Fill out a Connect card at a worship service and a member of our senior leadership team will contact you.


Connect Through Community

Commitment to Community
At First Church, we build community through our Community Groups, or C-Groups. Through these groups, we are able to grow deeper relationships with others, as we all grow in our relationship to Christ. Are you Committed to Community and looking to make a deeper commitment? Become a Covenant Member.

Your Next Step
Fill out a Connect Card at a worship service, or let your Group leader know that you are interested in Covenant Membership.


Covenant Membership

Commitment to Covenant Membership
What is a Covenant? It is a commitment one makes to another which is not dependent upon the others actions. It is important, in a church full of imperfect sinners, to enter into a covenant because we will sin against one another. This will allow us to openly confess our sins to each other (James 5:16).

What is a Covenant Member? It is someone who has made a Commitment to the Universal Church, through commitment to serve at First Church. A commitment to membership is a commitment to First Church, other members and to serve on one of our ministry teams.

There is a two step process to become a member.
First, attend a membership class, we offer classes several times a year. After the class, have an informal interview with one of our Elders who will help you understand our mission and vision and help you get involved in the right ministry team.

Your Next Step
Continue The Journey with us!